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The cognitive model can be taught to novice programmers using their life experiences as examples or detail. It needs no experience of programming.

This would provide a foundation to design principles. The principles still need to be learned but the foundations will allow students to understand them earlier in their career (when they will benefit from them most).

These top 3 points were the initial motivations in the development of this theory and, being a practioner this would be the natural consequences that I would look to.

However, a common theme with the anonymous reviewers of the paper was that the theory seemed to be proposing we tap cognitive psychology research to discover new guides and principles.

I find it interesting that the differing purposes of practioner and researcher led us to different views or possibly different analogies of the theory.

Before we move to the last slide I would like to take this opportunity to thank the chair, to Yvonne Coady, the Onward committee and the anonymous reviewers for the stirling job they have done in making this conference such a success. Thank You.